• Warner Babcock Institute
    The Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry engages in original research and scientific consulting services designed to assist “industry” in developing products and manufacturing processes that satisfy "The Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry."
  • Advantage for Analysts
    Advantage for Analysts licenses out uniquely flexible and sophisticated financial-analysis software, and provides consulting services in connection with structuring, analyzing, and tracking lease and partnership financings for U.S. renewable energy projects.
  • Rampart Energy Company
    Rampart Energy is a Denver-based oil-and-gas exploration and development firm that specializes in applying “enhanced recovery” techniques to established fields.
  • Andro Diagnostics
    Andro Diagnostics is focused on developing products to improve diagnosis and therapy in male genitor-urinary health.
  • NeuroBioTex
    The mission of NeuroBioTex is to advance understanding of zinc as a signal ion in all areas of biology, with the applied aim of developing research tools, diagnostics and therapeutics relating to zinc’s roles in health and disease.
  • Brighton Biotech
    Brighton Biotech is focused on treating a broad range of negative consequences of “oxidative stress” in the body through the use of a number of generic and newly-invented compositions of matter.
  • Collaborative Medicinal Development
    Collaborative Medicinal Development is dedicated to creating and developing a growing portfolio of medicines and treatments for neuro-degenerative and other debilitating conditions and diseases.
  • Nova Delta
    Nova Delta is a funds-management company that utilizes proprietary algorithms designed to produce investment returns superior returns through both market-neutral and net-long strategies.
  • CAIC and CAMGA
    CAIC and CAMGA are related firms that specialize in providing advice and insurance underwriting, respectively, designed to address the financial and other risks involved in the context of class-action settlements.