We are a closely held venture-capital firm.
We specialize in early stage niche companies.
We focus on; quality of performance, integrity of attitude and behavior, concern for the environment, and a high regard for each other as individuals.
We Are Cthulhu

Our goal, as Cthulhu, is to support initiatives designed to rise from the dark depths of R’lyeh (metaphorically speaking!) and end up destroying or at least disrupting, some market paradigm. We also strive, in our weak moments, to generate some sort of meaningful “good” for humanity (whom we would like to see at least survive until the day that we, ourselves, rise from those same dark depths to act as the harbinger of mankind’s final doom).

Industries Within Our Portfolio Include:

Green Chemistry35%
Finance & Insurance10%
Green Construction9%
Data Collection & Analytics2%
Human Resources & Recruiting2%
Investment Management2%
Software Development & Security1%
Automotive Parts, Retail1%
Cthulhu Team
Our Porfolio of Companies